Meaning of Howl


According to DigoPaul, a howl is a scream: a forced and vehement expression that is made with a very loud sound. Howling can be a raucous shouting that arises spontaneously from great pain or sudden joy.

For example: “Upon hearing the tragic news, the woman let out a scream”, “The scream of happiness from Chilean athletes was felt throughout the stadium”, “What was that scream? I’m going to investigate ”.

Howling is linked to emotions. They do not seek to transmit a message, but they express a state of mind that is produced by some event. The scream can arise from surprise, fear, joy, etc.

Take the case of a young woman who is lying in her bed, reading a book and listening to music with headphones. The girl thinks she is alone in her house. So when suddenly feels that someone touches his leg, he gets scared and lets out a shriek. The one who had touched her was her father who had just returned to the house without the girl hearing him. So the young woman’s surprise and the scream that escaped her.

A yell can also be interrupted by positive news. A man receives a phone call from a television program, announcing that he has won a million dollars for participating in a contest. Hearing the novelty, the man screams as he cannot contain the emotion for such a prize.

It is usual that when a person hears a scream, he is scared or restless. For this reason, horror films often include screams of the protagonists with the intention of transmitting nervousness to the viewer. Similarly, it is common that the reaction to the most shocking scenes of a film of this genre is the scream.

As part of a proper name, we find the term scream in a 1948 Spanish comedy titled ” The Scream “. It is a co-production between Spain and Italy, directed by Ferruccio Cerio, who also participated in the script. The film was broadcast in both countries and among its actors we find Pablo Álvarez Rubio, Rafael Bardem, Julia Caba Alba and Aurelia Carrascal. The story is about a composer who writes a musical work in which a character’s experience told in a clinic whose director believes that the jealousy is one of many pathological conditions.

It is worth mentioning that many times people outside the world of music describe the high notes emitted by the singers as “screams” or “screams”, especially those of lyrical music, and this could not be further from reality. To sing a note, high or low, it is necessary to have a technique that includes a particular way of breathing, retaining and dosing the air, opening the throat and articulating the vowels, among other things, while a yell is somewhat impulsive and lacking of structure.

Unlike a note sung with proper technique, howling can be detrimental to the voice system, the group of organs in our body that is tasked with producing and amplifying the sound generated during speech or singing. It is made up of three sets of well-defined organs, which are the following: those of respiration, those of phonation and those of articulation. These groups of organs can also be identified according to the type of cavity they represent, and in this case we can speak of the infraglottic (the trachea, the bronchi and the lungs), the glottic (the vocal cords, the resonators —pharyngeal, buccal and nasal – and the larynx) and the supraglottic (lips, teeth, tongue, palate, and glottis).