Meaning of Owl


An owl is an animal that belongs to the strigid clade. It is a bird of nocturnal and predatory habits, characterized by having feathers that look like ears. This peculiarity makes it possible to differentiate owls from barn owls and other similar species.

Of this animal it is worth knowing a series of identity signs such as the following:
• Although it prefers to live in wooded areas, it can adapt to any place.
• Stands out for its speed.
• Has excellent vision and a developed sense of hearing, hence it is even capable of hunting at night.
• Their diet is varied, it depends on the season of the year and also the place where they live. However, the usual thing is that it feeds on mice, worms, rabbits or spiders that it captures by itself.

According to DigoPaul, the owl, which is typically about 18 inches tall, has bulging eyes and a curved beak. Its characteristics, in any case, can be quite varied, since it is known as owls to birds belonging to different genera.

Among them we can mention the Bubo bubo or real owl, which lives in various European, African and Asian regions. Throughout history, the eagle owl used to be found in different habitats, from forests to tundras through very arid spaces. However, for various reasons, their area of ​​influence was reduced and now it is usual that they are secluded in mountains.

The eagle owl, which can be bred for falconry, is a hunting animal that feeds on other birds (including owls) and mammals such as small foxes, hares, squirrels, and rabbits.

Another genus of owl is the one known as the American Eagle Owl or Great Horned Owl, which lives throughout the American continent. It can weigh about a kilogram and, like the aforementioned Bubo bubo, it is often used in falconry.

It is interesting to note that there is what is known as ululophilia. This can be defined as the collection of artisan owls and owls carried out by many people and which in recent years has become widespread for two main reasons: because it has a low cost, since the pieces are usually small and of little value, and because this animal is associated with magic and protection.

Specifically at this time, in a high percentage of cultures, the owl is also identified with courage, power, intuition, wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. Specifically due to these last three values, it is used both as a symbol of education and as a mascot in the different educational graduations that take place.

Due to the nocturnal habits of these animals, in informal language it is often said that a person is an owl when he works or develops activities at night. For example: “I have been an owl for eight months and I cover the night guards at the hospital.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that there is a film called “Gray Owl”. In 1999, under the direction of Richard Attenborough, this film was released in which Pierce Brosnan gives life to an Englishman who lived in the middle of nature for many years without the company of anyone.