Meaning of Scorpion


The first thing to do in order to know the meaning of the term scorpion is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can underline that it derives from Arabic, exactly from “al-aqrab”, which can be translated as “scorpion”.

According to DigoPaul, scorpion is a term that refers to an order of arachnids whose members are characterized by having a tail that ends in a poisonous stinger.

Also known as scorpions, scorpions are divided into more than a thousand species of different sizes, which can measure from less than ten millimeters to more than twenty centimeters. In all cases, the body of these animals is divided into two sectors known as tagmas: the opistosome and the prosoma, equivalent to the abdomen and trunk.

Scorpions can be found almost all over the planet, inhabiting multiple regions, such as deserts, forests, savannahs and coasts. There are species that have their habitat underground and others that settle in trees.

A scorpion, according to its species, can feed on other arachnids, insects, lizards or small mammals. It can also become a prey for snakes, birds and other animals. Its most important attack and defense mechanism is the poisonous stinger found at the end of its tail: unlike popular belief, only a few scorpion species can cause the death of a human being.

Due to this poisonous condition of the scorpion, subjects with evident malicious intent are often called by the name of this animal. For example: “Be careful with Esteban, he is a scorpion that is always bothering and attacking others. ”

It is important to know that there is also what is known as a scorpion onion. It comes to be an orthopteran insect, native to Africa and Europe, which is really unique. It has the appearance of a mole, it is harmless to humans and as an adult it can fly.

In addition to all the above we can not ignore that it is also a term used within the cultural field. And it is that there are numerous works that use it in their works. This would be the case, for example, of the Spanish film “Alacrán enamorado”, which was released in 2013 and is based on the novel by Carlos Bardem.

Santiago Zannou was the director of this feature film, starring Álex González, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Judith Diakhate. It tells the story of a group of neo-Nazis, among whom is Julián. A young man who will soon see how his life changes radically when, when he starts training in a gym, he falls head over heels in love with a mulatto girl who works out for him.

From that moment on, he will debate between going ahead with his ideas and continuing with his friends or, leaving everything behind, and starting a new life with the girl he loves.

Alacrán, finally, is the name of a famous character of the Argentine humorist Rodolfo Samsó.