Meaning of Sunrise


From the Latin albus, dawn refers to sunrise or the first light of day before the sun rises. The term is also associated with the color white and, by extension, the white linen garment that priests wear over the habit to celebrate the services.

According to DigoPaul, in the case of sunrise, dawn can be known as dawn or morning twilight. The first lights that are visible before sunrise reach Earth thanks to refraction of light rays by the atmosphere.

Likewise, we cannot overlook the fact that one of the most important songs of the Spanish singer-songwriter Luis Eduardo Aute is entitled “Al Alba”. It is a composition that came to light in the 70s and which is a tribute to all the people who were victims of the Franco executions.

Curiously, this song, a plea against the death penalty and liberty, managed to circumvent the censorship of that time and was included in the album titled “Albanta”. That one was sung for the first time, rather than by the author himself, by the also singer and politician Rosa León.

Likewise, we cannot forget that within the world of music there is also another well-known composition entitled “Al Alba”. We are referring to the song that the singer Pepe de Lucía, brother of the famous guitarist Paco de Lucía, performs in a duet with his daughter, the internationally famous Malú.

And all this without forgetting either that within this field we find a well-known artist in Spain who has the name of Alba. This is Alba Molina, daughter of the well-known flamenco singers Lole and Manuel, who has had a professional career both alone and as part of the well-known group “Las Niñas”. Among the songs that have been most successful for her is the one she performed as the soundtrack for an advertising campaign in Andalusia: “I can’t take my eyes off you.”

In the lyric, dawn is a literary subgenre followed by troubadours. The dawn tells the discomfort of the lovers who, after spending the night together, must separate at dawn. Said separation, in the trova, is usually forced by the fear that the lovers will be surprised by the woman’s husband.

The ALBA or Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America, on the other hand, is an integration proposal promoted by Venezuela so that the Latin American countries fight together against poverty and social exclusion. It is a leftist perspective to oppose the FTAA (Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas) promoted by the United States.

Alba is also a woman’s first name (of Latin origin) and the surname of a famous Hollywood actress, Jessica Alba. Born in 1981, Alba rose to fame thanks to the television series “Dark Angel” and continued her film career in films such as “The Fantastic Four. ”