Meaning of Vulture


A vulture is a bird of prey whose body can reach a wingspan of more than two meters and a weight of about 6.5 kilograms. This animal form flocks has the bare neck and bald head.

According to DigoPaul,vultures generally eat the meat of beings that have already died, although they can occasionally hunt and trap live prey. They are not great hunters anyway as their claws are very short.

These birds, which, according to the species, may be part of the cathartic or accipitrid family group, have the ability to fly very high. Vultures use thermal currents to gain altitude and then glide as they hunt for carrion.

Because they are guided by sight and not by smell, vultures feed during the day. They can detect food from several kilometers away and then, thanks to their fine beak, they have access to pieces of meat from almost the entire body of the animal.

There are many types of vultures that exist, among which we can highlight the following: –
Bearded vulture, which can be up to 125 centimeters long. It has the peculiarity that its head is not bald.
-African white-backed vulture, which is the oldest in the world. It can reach up to 98 centimeters and has a dark body, except for the back of its head which is white.
-American black vulture, measuring a maximum of 68 centimeters in length. It is very dark, as its name suggests, and it is basically found in the United States.

In a symbolic sense, vultures are associated with cruelty and greed. That is why when a human being is greedy and seeks to exploit others for his own benefit, he is said to be a vulture. For example: “I am not going to work for this vulture anymore”, “Be careful with Armando: the old man is a vulture”, “Although my boss is a vulture, I cannot resign as I need the job”.

In the same way, we cannot forget that it is also used as a nickname for a Spanish footballer. We are referring to Emilio Butragueño (1963) from Madrid, who was known as “El vulture” and who played as a forward. He became one of the most important players of Real Madrid, so much so that he also gave his name to what was called the “fifth of the vulture”, formed by him as well as by other squad players such as Miguel Pardeza, Míchel González, Manolo Sanchís and Rafael Martín Vázquez.

He made his debut in the first team of the merengue club in 1984 and from that moment on, his career was meteoric. So much so that he won the Bronze Ball twice and is on the list of the 125 best soccer players in history according to FIFA.

He currently works as a sports director at the aforementioned Real Madrid.

A vulture fund, finally, is a venture capital fund that purchases the debt of companies or states facing bankruptcy, paying less than the 30% of the nominal value. Once the debt is acquired, it exerts pressure to collect 100% of said value, even through lawsuits.