Meaning of Winged


The winged adjective is used to describe one who has wings. This term (wings), for its part, refers to the appendages that certain animals have to move through the air and to the parts of an aircraft that support their flight. Ala we can say that it is a word of Latin origin that can be translated as “axis”.

For example: “What is that winged bug that is there?” , “The teacher explained to me that a unicorn is a fictional winged horse”, “The protagonist of the new animated film is a winged dog that lives all kinds of adventures in the forest”.

According to DigoPaul, winged is a concept that comes from the Latin word alātus. It can be used to qualify a large number of animals: all species that have wings. In general, these are animals capable of flight, although some cannot sustain themselves in the air despite being winged.

The eagle is an example of a winged animal. It is a predatory bird that has a beak that ends in a point. Thanks to this beak, its claws and tarsi, they can hunt large prey.

The bees are also winged animals, although very different characteristics eagles. In this case, we are talking about insects that feed on nectar and pollen and that can produce honey.

As we said above, that an animal is winged does not imply that it can fly. The roosters have wings but on their morphological characteristics, are unable to take flight and stay in the air.

Within the artistic field we cannot overlook the existence of a very important figure who bears in his name the adjective that concerns us. Specifically, we are referring to what is called the winged horse. As its own name indicates, it is a horse that has a pair of wings and that frequently appears in numerous traditions, legends and myths of countries such as Italy or China.

As you can imagine, it is inspired by birds and is considered to have an important symbolism. Specifically, it is associated with values ​​such as lightness, intelligence, freedom, bravery, courage and fantasy.

Without a doubt, the most relevant or well-known winged horse is, without a doubt, Pegaso. This belongs to Greek mythology and is considered to be the first equine that happened to be next to the gods of Olympus. Of the same it is important to know other aspects such as the following:
-It belonged to Zeus.
-It is established that he was born from the blood spilled by Medusa, when Perseus proceeded to cut off his head.
-Among its most notable peculiarities is that when it flies it makes a movement with its legs, as if it were running, which contributes to increasing its identification with freedom.
-Numerous are the works in which he has been represented, such as, for example, the objects that have been found where he appeared with Bellerophon and the Chimera.

As for winged vehicles, they are called aerodynes. These are winged aircraft, which can be fixed (as in the case of airplanes) or mobile (helicopters). It is important to mention that there are aircraft that are not winged, such as hot air balloons.