Nokia Has with Rumors Android: Engineers Need for Their Maps Here

During her weekend has been moving by the media the news that Nokia would be interested in approaching Android, as a result of an offer of employment that has to do with Linux. She looks for a person skilled in the art engineer.
Related Linux to create an Android phone seemed too big leap to give Court, but you know that information spreads easily, and the own Nokia has denied the situation.
At mouth of Doug Dawson, Chief in relations with the media in the Finnish House, attempted to leave talking about the subject, through many interventions on twitter.
It explains that the need for someone with the profile of the offer has to do with its renowned service maps HERE. We need to understand that they want to put the maps in the majority of possible systems, or at least in the most important, so it is logical that need professional experts in the field.
Nokia will cost you stop this kind of rumors, I think that they will continue to exist, promoted by the desire of many faithful users who see how they left their own operating system, did not accept the path undertaken with Windows Phone, and could prefer to go with the people from Google.