Nokia Lumia 825 Avistado in China

China manufactures the majority of gadgets that we have at home, so it is not too rare that many leaks that we see every day in different media come directly from there, as it is the case of the Lumia 825.
The phone, which would be almost identical to the Lumia 820 in terms of specifications, It would have the same processor dual core 1.5 GHz, the same gig of RAM and the same Carl Zeiss back 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash camera.
In regards to improvements, apparently would have only two, the Lumia 825 would have 16GB (instead of 8 having the 820) and a screen of the same size as the current 820, 4.3 inch, but with the technology of the 920 Lumia, i.e., Puremotion screen with supersensitive touch, that would allow us to use the terminal even with gloves.
While not know very well the price or the market that will come out this improved version of the 820 Lumia, from to speculate that this variant It could go in the US market in a matter of a couple of months, probably still a personalization of any North American carrier, as already happens currently with Verizon and Lumia 822.