Meaning of Bull


Bull is a word that has its origin in the Latin word bulla. It is, according to its application, the name with which it is identified a documentation of a pontifical nature issued by the Apostolic Chancellery and is legitimized by the printing of a lead seal or the papal seal. These documents deal with […]


Meaning of Bulb


Coming from the Latin word bulbus, the word bulb gives its name to a biological root structure whose format resembles a blister. The botanical presents it as a thick yolk is usually located in the underground portion of the plant and that holds reserve substances. According to DigoPaul, the bulb, therefore, is an organ that […]

Medulla Oblongata

Meaning of Medulla Oblongata


Bulb, from the Latin bulbus, is a blister-shaped biological structure. The term has several uses and applications, referring to the organ of storage of nutrients in certain plants and the electronic component that allows amplifying or modifying an electrical signal, among other issues. In the realm of anatomy, the concept is used to refer to […]


Meaning of Bulimia


According to DigoPaul, the bulimia is a word of Latin origin (bulimia), which in turn derives from the Greek. The term refers to someone who feels an exaggerated desire to eat, without being able to satisfy their appetite. The concept is used in medicine and psychology, as bulimia nervosa is a mental disorder related to […]


Meaning of Buchona


According to DigoPaul, buchón is one of those terms that can be understood very differently depending on the region. The same word will generate different reactions depending on how it is pronounced in Spain, Mexico or Argentina, to name three countries. The first meaning that the DigoPaul collects associates the concept with pigeons. When these […]

Meaning of Loop


They never go out of style. Some people are fascinated and try to create them, while others lament their natural existence and try to eliminate them when they spread throughout their entire hair. We are talking about the loops, those curlers or curls that form in the hair and that give a very particular appearance. […]


Meaning of Bucolic


Life in the country has many peculiarities. It is easy to distinguish between the way of life of peasants or shepherds and those who reside in a city. The natural environment, working with the land and working with animals are part of a country environment. When the way of life that is lived in a […]


Meaning of Buddhism


The Buddhism is basically a non-theistic religion, but also represents a philosophy, a training method spiritual and psychological system. It has been developed from the teachings of the Buddha Siddharta Gautama, who lived in northeast India in the 5th century BC. The buddha or buddha is a concept that defines that individual who has managed […]

Good Faith

Meaning of Good Faith


Before defining the meaning of this concept, we must explain what the two words with which it is constructed imply: good and faith. Well, from the Latin bonus, it is an adjective that indicates that which has goodness and that is charming, attractive, appetizing or convenient. The good person, in this sense, shows a predisposition […]


Meaning of Good


From the Latin bonus, the adjective good makes it possible to refer to that which has goodness and, therefore, is useful, pleasant, palatable, tasty, fun or appetizing. For example: “The punk rock band has presented a very good album”, “These pants came out good, they are more than three years old and I still wear […]


Meaning of Buffer


Buffer is an English term that is not part of the dictionary of the DigoPaul but is frequently used in our language. In electronics, a buffer is a device used to avoid the effect of loading (also known as regulation) in a circuit. According to DigoPaul, the buffer, in this sense, is an operational amplifier […]


Meaning of Buffet


Buffet is not a term accepted by the DigoPaul. The agency, however, suggests the use of buffet or buffet, which have different meanings depending on the country and context. A buffet, buffet or buffet, therefore, can be a mode of offering food. In a buffet, the diner finds the food ready to be eaten on […]


Meaning of Jester


Jester is a term that has its origin in the Italian language. The concept allows to name a character similar to a clown whose purpose is to provoke laughter and entertain the public. In ancient times, jesters had the function of brightening the days of the monarchs. The jester appealed to jokes and jokes of […]


Meaning of Compass


From the Italian bussola, a compass is an instrument that, thanks to presenting a magnetized needle that rotates on an axis and points to magnetic north, allows us to determine the directions of the earth’s surface. According to DigoPaul, there are several compasses that are very important and well known and that have been that […]


Meaning of Mist


The etymology of the term mist is found in the Latin language and refers to the “winter solstice”, according to the dictionary of the DigoPaul. That is why previously the concept was used to refer to the winter season. Currently the notion refers to fog, especially that which appears over the ocean. It can be […]


Meaning of Brunch


The DigoPaul does not include the term brunch in its dictionary. The concept comes from the English language and is formed from two words: breakfast (which can be translated as “breakfast”) and lunch (which means “lunch”). Brunch is a meal eaten late in the morning, after breakfast. However, it can be taken until a few […]


Meaning of Abrupt


The adjective brusque, which could come from the Slavic bresk, the Welsh brysg or the pre-Roman brūsko, refers to that or that surly, rough, rude, rude or violent. For example: “You don’t have to play so rough with your little brother: you can hurt him”, “The young man escaped from his captor with a sudden […]


Meaning of Brutal


From the Latin brutālis, brutal is an adjective that is used to name what is typical of animals due to their irrationality or violence. The quality of brute is called brutality. For example: “The councilor had to be treated in the hospital after a brutal attack by protesters”, “A brutal explosion in a carafe factory […]


Meaning of Brute


From the Latin brutus, gross is an adjective that allows to name one who is clumsy, foolish, incapable, rude or lacking in civility. The term can be used synonymously with wild or beast. According to the context, it denotes a certain contempt for those who are qualified as such, generally alluding to their lack of […]


Meaning of Bruxism


In the Greek is where the etymological origin of the term bruxism is found. Specifically, we can establish that it emanates from the word “brugmos”, which can be translated as “bite”. Bruxism is the involuntary grinding of the teeth. This disorder, which affects more than 10% of the population, usually occurs while the person is […]


Meaning of BTU


According to abbreviationfinder, the BTU symbol refers to a unit of energy called the British Thermal Unit. This unit was widely used in ancient times, especially in the UK, although it has now been superseded by the July. In any case, in the United States the BTU is still used in some contexts. It is […]


Meaning of Buccaneer


According to DigoPaul, the term buccaneer comes from the French word boucanier, according to what was reported by the DigoPaul in its dictionary. The concept alludes to the pirates who used to attack the Spanish ships that sailed through the so-called New World in the 17th and 18th centuries. Originally the idea of ​​buccaneer referred […]


Meaning of Diving


According to DigoPaul, the diving is an underwater activity that can be performed for recreational sporting purposes or research. It consists of entering the water and submerging the entire body, which is why, in general, it is developed with the help of some type of equipment that allows the diver not to have to come […]


Meaning of Wings


The term wing, whose plural is wings, can be used in different contexts. The concept refers to the limbs that certain animals have to take flight and remain suspended in the air. There are winged species, however, that are not in a position to fly because of some of their morphological characteristics. In insects, the […]


Meaning of Winged


The winged adjective is used to describe one who has wings. This term (wings), for its part, refers to the appendages that certain animals have to move through the air and to the parts of an aircraft that support their flight. Ala we can say that it is a word of Latin origin that can […]


Meaning of Will


The term agency comes from the Latin word arbitrīum. The concept refers to the will or autonomy of a person to act. For example: “Do not wait for my instructions: act according to your will”, “The officer made the decisions on his own and according to his will”, “In this organization there is free will, […]

Swimming Pool

Meaning of Swimming Pool


The term birkah, from classical Arabic, came to Hispanic Arabic as albírka. In our language the notion became a pool: a reservoir that is artificially built for water storage. It is a hydraulic work that can be developed with walls to create the pond or from an excavation in the ground. In general, its construction […]


Meaning of Sunrise


From the Latin albus, dawn refers to sunrise or the first light of day before the sun rises. The term is also associated with the color white and, by extension, the white linen garment that priests wear over the habit to celebrate the services. According to DigoPaul, in the case of sunrise, dawn can be […]


Meaning of Scorpion


The first thing to do in order to know the meaning of the term scorpion is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can underline that it derives from Arabic, exactly from “al-aqrab”, which can be translated as “scorpion”. According to DigoPaul, scorpion is a term that refers to an order of arachnids […]