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What is Bedding and Linen

The choice of bedding there are some basic points. It is a matter of taste and desire but not necessarily comply with whichever bedding will provide us with a good deep and healthy sleep. Highlight the choice of bedding is the material…
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What Is an Ergonomic Pillow

To offer a restful sleep, the choice of a pillow is just as important as that of a mattress. But what of the famous so-called “ergonomic” cushions? Are all of equal quality or better learn to decipher the labels? Small decryption of this…
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What is the Lifespan of a Pillow

For a good sleep and prevent neck pain and back, a pillow is essential. It is therefore essential to use a pillow adapted to our morphology! The pillows do not lose their support over time, unlike mattresses, but spent 2 years it is necessary…
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What is a Hipanema Bracelet

Chic version & glam’ Brazilian band, the hipanema bracelet was designed by two Parisian on a trip to Rio. A ‘must-have’ of the summer to complete your beachwear outfit and be on top on the beaches!

What Is Gold Jewellery Made Of

The proliferation of beadwork made it very easy to buy Golden objects that are not gold jewellery. The idea of wearing a different accessory to any look at an affordable price spread parallel to market to the vast market of costume jewellery….
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What Is the Meaning of Pandora Charms

The curiosity about Pandora I arose spontaneously, you know. You are witnesses. After my visit from Trollbeads, a question arose spontaneously. Who had the first idea of modular bracelets: Trollbeads or Pandora? To find out I went directly into a boutique Pandora. Because things…
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How to Mix and Match Jewelry

Jewelry and morphology are inseparable The first point to consider if you want to wear more jewelry and match your morphology. You must choose the right accessories for the latter to optimize your entire look. Regarding the form of jewelery , It is assumed that repeat the same form…
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How to Choose a Silver Ring

Tips for Choosing And Wearing a Silver Ring Trend Did you know that the oldest deemed rings of history are over two tens of thousands of years? Traditionally, the rings were worn by men and women under the whole heavens to…
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How to Choose Right Jewelry

Face round or angular, neck long or too short, generous or small breasts… And if a necklace or earrings could help us to conceal our (small) complexes? A few precepts to know for good choose jewelry for our morphology.

How to Put a Pin on

Wear a brooch on a garment gives your light a small very charming unique style, here’s a few tips to well put it in different ways.  Customize your clothes A unique way to personalize your necklaces is to choose a…
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How to Wear a Necklace

You’re wondering how to choose the size and the ideal length for your necklace, how the wear and choose what type of collar. These are some ideas that can help you in this desire to fashion. Because each port jewelry requires small professional…
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How to Wear a Brooch Pin

In today’s world, where it would seem, all have long been accustomed to things simple and clear, it is a place for magic. Some people are so superstitious that will never get out of the House if they staircase “lucky” to…
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Rod Action, What Is It?

The action of cane is an inseparable principle of your fishing rod. This principle is on the operation and behavior of your cane at the water’s edge. Understand and use this principle will allow you to choose your rod fishing…
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What is The Lumen?

“Lumens” is a term that is often when it comes to lighting. But what did the lumen, exactly? And how do you know how much you need to well to illuminate your space? Here are the most important facts about…
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