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What is a Fashion Cap

In recent years, hats have made ​​his triumphant return to the catwalk, as well as in people’s lives, prompting men and women of all ages back to add this invaluable accessory to your wardrobe. Whether secretly always you were not…
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What is Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

The non-surgical Rhinoplasty is the treatment of last generation that allows to correct some of the most common defects of the nose. It is not an intervention, then it is not invasive, it costs more affordable and short healing time. Here’s everything you need…
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What is Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy, what it is, how it works and who are the oxygen-based beauty treatments. Are a panacea to purify and rejuvenate your skin and have an affordable cost. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest generation of oxygen treatments. Why so…
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What is CC cream

In the confusion of all the colorful and BB creams, CC and DD do clarify what are the CC cream and what are its main objectives than the other. The Color Control Cream in Unlike the BB cream focus more on the color correction and naturally moisturize and protect.

What is Natural Soap

The natural soaps and traditional soaps are different from each other from the point of view of the ingredients and of the working technique. The organic soaps are free of those chemical components as are required for industrial products, which serve…
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What is Medicinal Soap

Medicinal soaps-SOAP with sulfur and lanolin are normal, common soaps and medicinal soaps. The quality of a SOAP depends on the degree of neutrality of disinfectant, bactericidal or odorant that contain.

What is The Ranking of Slipperiness?

The measurement of the friction coefficient determines the resistance of locals and more specifically of the cover slip. The measurement of the friction coefficient determines the resistance of locals and more specifically of the cover slip. Too frequent fall accidents have led…
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What is an Italian Shower?

The bathroom, the shower becomes essential. Modern, aesthetic, practical, this open shower has everything to seduce. But is it right for you? Advantages, disadvantages, necessary budget, the questions to ask before installing a shower in Italy. The italian shower: for what area? The walk-in…
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What is Shower Tray

When it comes to bathroom planning, consider combining the practical function with aesthetics. The shower stall is a set of these two criteria. The shower receptor is essential, because its form, its material, its color and its dimensions complete the décor of the…
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What is Couch?

Couch talking to everyone, but do you know to differentiate it from other types of foundations of living room that are confused with a sofa? We give you all the info to no longer make mistakes. Sometimes it is difficult to…
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What is L-Shaped Kitchen

What is the I-shaped kitchen? The I-shaped kitchen is just a kitchen designed in length. It can be placed along a wall or in the middle of a large living room way open kitchen. The kitchen in length, or I-shaped kitchen has…
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How to Treat Colored Hair

Dyed hair are always very beautiful immediately after application of pigment. To keep the color as long as you can remember the following tips! Between an application of spot and the other use the following guide to get your favorite color…
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How to Do Hair Chalk

Hair colored with crayons? A super trendy fashion already in vogue for some time and in great growth! Known as Hair Chalking, this particular technique allows you to color in a simple and fast, but mostly temporary, their hair to achieve effects multicolor amazing! In the early…
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