Primark Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014: and Long Live Christmas!

The commercial campaign these days is only comparable with the start of the season in September. All brands are busy by getting a good image of your product that attract buyers in these so dates that they are approximate. And what did Primark in this respect? As a Winter Lookbook fantastic with garments of Christmas. If you like this trend, do not stop reading.
In Jezebel man you know I love everything that has to do with reindeer (even if bear skulls). Why we have could not resist to publish this lookbook full of sweaters with Valances, snowflakes, reindeer and lots lots contained Christmas. Who is asking the any of these items from Primark for Kings?
This last jersey is only suitable for Christmas lovers who are not lovers of fashion, because go fabric:
Join the Christmas spirit of Primark?