What is Full Cup Bra? Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages

The bra is a basic part of the lingerie and has more importance than the often is granted. The choice of the correct support depends on many factors, including the size, design, material, the occasion for which it is used and of course, the shape of the woman’s breast. The options are many, but there is always a more suitable than the rest.
This time we will focus on the full Cup Bras to learn about its main features, its advantages and its disadvantages.
What is a full Cup bra?
It is called bra full Cup to that bra whose Cup covers all or almost all the woman’s breast. It is composed of, as all fasteners except for the adhesive Bras, a band, straps and two glasses.
The full Cup bra band is wide, elastic and comfortable and will give very good support to the bust. Cups (usually it’s tops sewn or multiple glasses) completely cover the breasts, and also provide both support and modelling of the bust, softening lines and eliminating unwanted packages, making it look much better clothing.
The straps are wide and strong, and contribute greatly to the comfort that is attributed to this type of support.

Advantages of the full Cup bra
A full Cup bra is characterized by the great support that provides the bust, this is why this type of bra is so popular with the women of busted.
Perhaps in large measure by the support provided, the full Cup Bras are extremely comfortable, so is the favorite style to wear throughout the day or exercise (the vast majority of Sports Bras have full glass). It is also a highly recommended style for use during pregnancy, lactation and when breasts have lost firmness, whatever the reason for such loss occurred.
Disadvantages of the full Cup bra
Although it seems the ideal BRA, this like all the other styles of bras has some other point against. In this case, compared with the great benefits of the support, modeling, and comfort, the disadvantages can be considered minimal.
For example, one of the main breadwinners such disadvantages is that being so high tops and cover all bust, not they can be used with pronounced or too open neckline tops since the top of the cups would expose.
On the other hand, also due to the size of the cups, the use of lace, embroidery and details on the entire length of the frame can cause the impression that the bust is even bigger than it really is, in addition to note the details under the clothing. But neglects, this does not mean that you must renounce all decoration in your underwear, only it is recommended that you choose models with more delicate details.
The full Cup bra is considered the model more modest and conservative of all fasteners available, mainly by the high degree of coverage of the chest. But the truth is that with different trends and major innovations in fashion, the full Cup Bras can become perfectly one piece of lingerie very sexy. Visit the stores in search of models that play with (small by as explained above) details how different cuts, some sconces or combinations with transparencies.
Definitely is one of the best styles for women large breasts (with either large or small build) and a basic lingerie wardrobe.