What Is the Best Day to Conceive Sintotermal Method

How about find out which day of the month you have more chances of getting pregnant in a way more accurate than the rhythm method? The sintotermal method, also known as as Symptothermal method, helps to identify the signs of the body showing fertility so that you know when you should take, say, a “little effort” to become mom faster.
The gynecologist Diana Vanni talked to taofeminino team and helped to clarify the main points of the sintotermal method and get the questions we are most frequently asked. Come learn with us!

What is the sintotermal method.

The sintotermal method is a way that the woman has to identify the signs of your body, especially the changes in the basal temperature, indicating that she is Ovulating and thus increase the chances of getting pregnant.
Many women also use the sintotermal method in conjunction with the Billings method to prevent pregnancy – in this case, these women avoid intercourse for the period ovulatório. However, it is worth remembering that both do not protect against Stds (condoms do that) and that here we will teach you the best tips for you to get pregnant, right?

How to use the sintotermal method to get pregnant

First, keep in mind that the sintotermal method helps you get pregnant faster, but your step by step is not like a cake recipe. That means that even if you do everything right may not get pregnant in the first month, after all each organism has its particularities.
As the method sintotermal is focused on understanding the changes in basal temperature, you must measure every day your body temperature at the same time: when you wake up, before getting out of bed. Then, write down the number retrieved from a table, because it is she who will cause you know it changes day to day.
When the temperature starts to rise means, as a rule, that the woman is entering the period ovulatório. The temperature peak occurs shortly after ovulation, as Diana explains: “the highest temperature is measured around 12:00 after ovulation has happened”.
You must be thinking: “but, if I’m only going to be able to measure the higher temperature after 12:00, I’m never going to have sex at the exact moment of ovulation. Easy, friend reader, because the gynecologist has the explanation: “the sperm survives in the horns for up to 2 days, so much so that we believe that the fertile period of a woman just about of 1 day after ovulation. So if a woman has 1 day relations before the maximum temperature or until the day it occurs, has a good chance of becoming pregnant “.
Many women are also in doubt about measure the basal temperature by mouth, vagina or armpits, but the doctor clarifies: “measurement can be made by armpits even. The sintotermal method considering the change of heat occurs thanks to the thermogenic effect of progesterone and this effect is felt in all parts of the body “. The only care you must have is to measure every day in the same part of the body, otherwise you may notice false changes and calculate wrong your fertile period.

Beyond the basal temperature

Beyond the basal temperature, many women who follow the method sintotermal to get pregnant choose to follow the changes in cervical mucus. “If the woman can, you can also use these signals to interpret your fertility, but they’re not all women who can check and correctly interpret the changes in the mucus,” explains Diana.
If you want to learn how to identify changes in the natural secretion, a good tip is to know that the mucus and clear elastic egg white looking, is the fertile mucus-IE: one that occurs in the period of greatest fertility.The Billings method teaches a lot about the changes in cervical mucus. Click here to learn more about him.
There are individual signs also help the woman to realize that is Ovulating, as light cramps and mood swings. If you know that you have some of these when you are about to ovulate, make a note of them along with the measured temperature daily, after all nobody better than yourself to understand the signs of your body, don’t you!?

Sintotermal method: careful not to get in trouble

Some women want to get pregnant fast as I begin to follow the method sintotermal and completely transform their sex lives: some want to have sex only in the fertile days, others want to have a far greater number of relationships to further increase the chances of a fertilization … The doctor warns: “it is necessary to be careful not to turn the sexual routine into something, after all after pregnancy we hope continue existing love and complicity between the couple and this kind of attitude can cause problems in the relationship.”