What is the Correct Way to Eat Cabbage to Make Better Use of Its Benefits?

The cabbage is a vegetable that came to prominence in the world of healthy eating.
With its dark green coloring, which makes a vegetable sprouts so special is that it has a high level of different nutrients that are important for the health of the body.
The benefits of cabbage are really notable.
Fitronutrientes, minerals and fiber make it an amazing vegetable.

It is also an easy to grow plant. So, anyone who wants to can have its own sprouts at home. But, how to leverage the benefits of cabbage? How to make cabbage in the best way?
This is a question many about cabbage, especially those that have a healthy lifestyle.
Nutritionists indicate that the raw version of any vegetables or vegetable is always the best way to consume it. When this type of food is cooked (or stew) there’s a tendency to lose a large amount of nutrients and enzymes in the process.
A diet rich in raw foods has many nutritional benefits. The best alternative is to eat raw sprouts – in order to make better use of all its nutrients.
If the cabbage is sautéed, the advisable is to not spend too much time in the fire. The idea is just grate the cabbage quickly, without getting too long in the heat. And, don’t forget that vegetable oil, such as soy oil, for example, cannot be heated too much not to miss what he has to offer (if you use).
But, of course, that doesn’t mean that the cabbage cannot be done in other ways. And that should be eaten raw only. There are several ways to eat cabbage. Ideally, the daily diet is well balanced with fruit, vegetables and can meet the nutritional needs of each. Thus, it may be acceptable to eat cabbage sautéed some times.
The green juice is another healthy way to ingest the sprouts. Generally, the green juice is made with cabbage + apple + orange juice (or other citrus fruit). There are many variations of green juice recipes. The ideal is to drink it without strain to take better advantage of the fibers.
The great concern even with the cabbage is their origin. When grown with pesticides, this is the kind of vegetables usually accumulate a lot of that substance in their leaves. So, give preference for purchasing of organic sprouts.
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