What's Left of the Carnival!

Hey girls, missing!
And then … took a lot of the Carnival? I hope who Yes! Well, for those who passed through these parts of Anchieta and Guarapari, Iriri, should no longer be holding listening “ahh lelek lek lek lek.” hahahaha. I’m lying? NO rs.
Like all too much of a good thing, our dear revelry is over, and now starts that season between the Carnival and Christmas hahaha.

Many people exaggerate at that time in every way: drink, food, make-up, clothes etc. But some of these exaggerations make as well as the makeup and clothes. It’s that time when you can play that glitter palette that is stored for some time, without fear of someone saying that you overdid it, after all it’s Carnival and is to exaggerate even, with good taste always lol.
Other exaggerations don’t make as well as the food and drink. And as the exaggeration comes with some bad consequences, a lot of people back from the Carnival feeling bloated or with a few extra pounds even rs, dark circles, his face tired, legs and swollen belly, and even with intestinal problems.So I came today to give you some recipes infallible juices loved by our celebrities: Detox Juices. Of course that doesn’t make miracle, but help like a charm lol.
There are those ready to drink, I’ve never actually tried it, but there are several homemade recipes, and these I am adept rs. Here we go:
Lemon: Upon waking up, squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and take still fasting. After that, wait 40 minutes before breakfast.
Vegetable Juice:
3 carrots
1 Apple barkless
1 cabbage leaf mining
1 handful of parsley
1 handful of fresh mint
1 stalk celery
Beat in the centrifuge and take even in the morning. The enzymes of the raw vegetables do a housecleaning in the body.
Pineapple Juice with Mint
4 slices of peeled pineapple
2 cups of water
2 handfuls of organic mint
Beat all ingredients in a blender. The pineapple has draining effects and is diuretic. The mix yields two cups large and is ideal to be consumed in the morning or afternoon snack.
Prune Juice
4 pitted prunes
1/2 glass of water
To consume, just everything in a blender. Plum has properties that help the swelling goes down.
Green juice
2 cabbage leaves
.5 lemon juice
.5 Japanese cucumber peeled
1 slice of ginger
1 Red Apple
150 ml coconut water
Beat in a blender and drink during the day.