Winter Carp Fishing Accessory, Dare The Heater!

The heater is a little known fishing accessory. This is an essential accessory for all anglers coming to defy the carp in the winter.
We explain you need to know for good choose it and use it. Follow the guide!
The heater, what is it?
The heater is a small portable object that is kept around to warm up. It can take different forms. She is most often rectangular or oval.
It allows to warm the extremities of the body through the use of natural elements (fire, ash, hot water or electricity) which give off a very intense heat.

For the curious, the CNRS gives a more detailed definition.
Originally, the heater was in the form of a box wood and metal in which we added hot coals.
This box was then prepared to place to warm up like for example, at the bottom of a bed to warm the feet.
Today, it has more the appearance of a small metal box. It has evolved in new forms to meet varied uses.
The heater, an accessory for multiple uses
There are 2 kinds: electric heater or the so-called “chemical” heater Each responds to a specific need. The following can be said:
Electric heater: home use
The electric heater uses electricity as a source of food intakes. It is mainly used for domestic use since it is very mobile.
This type of heater has no interest for outdoor recreation such as fishing of carp.
Chemical heaters: nomadic fishing accessories
These heaters are commonly called “chemical” but the process in action is a matter of physics. They have the name of “chemical” to differentiate them from the electric heater.
There are 2 types: the magic bottle and heater to contact. See their particularities and their interest for fishing carp in the winter.
The hot water bottle magic, ideal for short trips outside
The most well-known chemical heater is also called the «hot water bottle magic» It consists of a pouch containing a solution of sodium acetate-saturated water (chemical compound soluble in water). The magic bottle is usually made with soft plastic.
Inside the bottle is a metal plate. Once bent, solidifies liquid water to the hot water bottle. It is the passage of liquid water in a solid state, which gives off heat. When the hot water bottle is cooled, the aqueous picks up its liquid state.
The advantage of this hot water bottle is reusable. For this, he must immerse it in boiling water. But this advantage is also its main disadvantage.
Indeed, the magic bottle is made to be used on short periods of time. Its heating time is relatively short (up to 3 hours max depending on the environment to be heated).
In addition, its reactivation requires boiling water nearby. So, it is not suitable for fishing carp in the winter.
Fortunately, there is another type of heater that is more adapted to our hobby.
The contact heater, an ideal accessory for fishing carp in the winter
This type of heater has the particularity of producing heat by contact air.
It comes in the form of adhesive patches. Each patch contains a mixture of natural elements (water, salt, activated carbon, vermiculite and iron powder).
As soon as the withdrawn adhesive tab is resting on the inner part of the fishing clothing, it produces heat.
Unlike the magic bottle, it is single use. Its main advantage is that it heats any longer. Therefore, it is more effective that the heating pad magic especially during long sessions of fishing.
It comes in several forms: patches for the hands and feet (up to 5 hours of heat) or to the body (up to 10 hours of heat).
The different forms of the heater to contact make a perfect fishing accessory to fish the carp in the winter.
Contact heaters are very affordable (€ 2.50). They are mainly sold in stores sport or on the Internet.
Among all existing heaters, the heaters contact brings together all the qualities required to integrate your essential list of dedicated carp fishing gear. It will protect you effectively the cold without you interfering in your SIN.
Now that you know everything, you have no more excuses to not get your rods carp. Enjoy the benefits of fishing the carp in the winter!