Silent Society

Meaning of Silent Society


As a rule, a silent partner gives assets and the whole thing then means that a community relationship has been established. There are even legal bases in the Commercial Code, because the silent partner naturally also wants to benefit from his contribution. On the other hand, he has no obligations and therefore keeps out of […]

Competitive Advantage

Meaning of Competitive Advantage


There is hardly a company that does not want him. If the company owns it, it will be defended by all possible legal means. We are talking about competitive advantage. For any profitability that is above average, the competitive advantage is the best prerequisite for a company’s long-term success in the market. Every company therefore […]

Meaning of Shinto 2

Meaning of Shinto II


Evolution of Shintoism From the most archaic Shinto nature cults to modern Shinto, which groups hundreds of doctrines united by strong syncretism and with great diversity, this Japanese religion has varied a lot over the centuries. Ancient Shinto Ancient Shinto, which did not even bear the name of shinto, encompasses the religions of Japan in […]

Meaning of Shinto 1

Meaning of Shinto I


The Shinto , Japan’s national religion, is an amalgam of beliefs and rites ancestors centered in the worship of supernatural forces called Kami. It has survived from ancient times to the present, but over the centuries it has undergone innumerable adaptations and transformations. Characterization of Shinto The name of Japan’s national religion, Shinto, was created […]

Segregation and Social Exclusion

Meaning of Segregation and Social Exclusion


The term segregate means to separate, marginalize, isolate contact, distance something or someone considered different. In the study of Sociology , social segregation is defined as a spatial (geographical) separation of a group of people, due to several factors, such as race, purchasing power, religion, ethnicity, education, nationality or any other factor that may serve […]

Geographic Thought

Meaning of Geographic Thought


With the rise of geographic science, the first currents of geographic thought also appear. From the 19th century, Geography saw different conceptions about the relationship between human beings / society and the environment / space. Some currents have valued human beings more as a society and with their capacity to transform the space where they […]


Meaning of Collective Safe Custody


Collective safe custody represents the standardized form of securities custody. In the context of this type of safe custody, no real securities are delivered. Collective giro administration means that the bank customer has a co-ownership share in the securities portfolio that is evidenced by the account statement of his house bank. The actual custody and […]


Meaning of Basic Allowance


The basic allowance is the amount of income for which no tax is due. The income is only taxed from this limit. The basic allowance is intended to ensure the subsistence level for taxpayers. The basic allowance applies to all taxable persons, including pensioners. The basic allowance ensures the tax-free subsistence level. The adjustment is […]


Meaning of Depreciation


Depreciation is made on the company’s fixed assets, which lose value over time through natural wear and tear and through their use. Aging, wear and tear, but also external influences, accidental damage and falling prices are the causes of impairment. These reductions in value are recorded in the accounts and referred to as depreciation. A […]

Chaotic Warehousing 3

Meaning of Chaotic Warehousing Part 3


Support chaotic warehousing with software If this is the case, all warehouse movements can be saved via the warehouse software and made available as information. The employees call up the information or feed it into the warehouse management system with their mobile scanners while the warehouse is moving. In this way, all those affected are […]


Meaning of Commercial Register


The commercial register is a directory that provides information about the merchants registered there. Registration is mandatory for all merchants, OHGs and corporations. Small businesses and freelancers are exempt from registration. However, the question arises as to whether an entry is generally useful, as the company name is automatically protected in this way. The commercial […]

Chaotic Warehousing 2

Meaning of Chaotic Warehousing Part 2


Advantages of chaotic warehousing The storage areas are optimally used in chaotic warehousing, as newly arriving goods are always assigned to a free storage space. You can react very quickly and flexibly to fluctuations in inventory or a change in product range: If a storage location is occupied, the next free location is used – […]

Dumping 2

Meaning of Dumping Part 2


Is unfair competition successful in the long run? Whether the described worst-case really makes its appearance depends primarily with the market development, the purchasing behavior of customers and the market flexibility together. The following principles apply in this regard: The lower the market entry thresholds for smaller, non-monopoly providers, the lower the effects of dumping. […]

Dumping 1

Meaning of Dumping


Setting the sales price of your goods or services is a central aspect of corporate strategy. Usually these prices should be higher than the manufacturing cost to make a profit. But the so-called dumping aims at a completely different sales strategy. What is dumping? The term dumping is understood to mean the sale of goods […]

Product Life Cycle 3

Meaning of Product Life Cycle Part 3


The ideal product planning based on the product life cycle Increasing sales, increasing market share, optimizing profits and increasing cash flow are among the primary goals of a company. In order to achieve these goals, it is important to optimally steer product management, the marketing mix and sales through the right actions and measures. The […]

Product Life Cycle 2

Meaning of Product Life Cycle Part 2


Marketing mix In connection with the five phases of the product life cycle, the term marketing mix is sometimes used . This means that the more targeted the marketing, the more effective the individual measures can be. The marketing mix is ​​therefore an important tool for successful campaigns. The market situation and the product life […]


Meaning of Index Funds


The mutual fund family has had one member richer for several years. In addition to traditional equity funds, index funds are becoming more and more popular. Index funds were only approved in Germany when the 3rd Financial Market Promotion Act came into effect in 1998. Before that, fund companies were prohibited from replicating an index […]

Intralogistics 2

Meaning of Intralogistics Part 2


Intralogistics 4.0 Intralogistics 4.0 is the final step in expanding the technological possibilities of internal logistics. The goal is not only to digitize processes, but to create intelligent, automatically communicating systems that contribute to the optimization of warehousing, planning and transport. Examples of this can be self-learning software solutions, but also intelligent containers that recognize […]

Intralogistics 1

Meaning of Intralogistics


The term intralogistics is still comparatively new and was created to clearly differentiate logistical processes that take place within a company from other, external logistics processes. Intralogistics – definition Intralogistics includes every form of logistics that is necessary within the company. These include in particular: Incoming and outgoing goods Flow of goods within the company […]

Commercial Letter

Meaning of Commercial Letter


Every company and every private or public household does business. Private households only benefit from this, all other economic subjects pursue commercial goals, either to maximize profits or to cover costs. From a legal point of view, a business is a conduct aimed at economic success that is linked to legal consequences. Each of these […]

Fixed Costs

Meaning of Fixed Costs


Fixed cost definition Fixed costs are costs that occur continuously and at a constant level in a company. In addition to the variable costs, they are part of the total costs. Fixed costs are incurred at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly). They arise regardless of the workload of the employees and the amount of manufactured products […]

Base Interest Rate

Meaning of Base Interest Rate


A country’s central bank sets the interest rate at which commercial banks obtain liquidity. This interest rate, known as the key interest rate, determines the conditions under which the banks can borrow money from the central bank. The key interest rate influences the level of loan and savings interest. In the euro area, the European […]

Elevator Pitch

Meaning of Elevator Pitch


Elevator pitch or simply “What do you do for a living?”. A freelancer or self-employed person hears this question again and again at a party or a business event. No matter where, the elevator pitch is a unique opportunity to present all the advantages of yourself and the company within a very short time. Elevator […]