How to Choose Your Headphones?

We all use daily headphones are already part of our lives. Therefore it is necessary to choose those that best suit our lifestyle, needs and musical tastes.


Music is an important part of our lives. Our parents and grandparents enjoyed the music very differently, life today is much busier; so we do not often have the privilege of listening to music in a relaxed blaring in our house. That’s why headphones have become our most widely used to listen and enjoy the music.


A headset can provide a very good sound quality for a very affordable price, unlike stereo equipment. you no longer have to deal with the acoustics of the room, the location thereof, its amplifiers and etc.

Choose a headset according to our needs and musical tastes is not easy, though we have so believed or believe we have done so. To choose a headset, I recommend these steps.

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What is a Tablet PC?

The tablets are feeling.  All manufacturers are introducing new equipment. But after all , Do you know what a tablet and you can do with it? Here we give you the answers to these and other questions about the tablets.

What is a tablet?

A tablet is a computer with tabular form, without keyboard and a large touchscreen .To get an idea of what a, just enough to think of a “giant iPhone”, with a screen of 7 to 10 inches. Most tablets are shipped with 3G and Wi-Fi connection , that is, ready to access to Internet.

Is there a difference between tablet and slate (Slate)?

No. The term “Slate” became used recently, after rumors that the Apple tablet could be called iSlate (the company registered the domain Even Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, used the term “Slate” when he referred to the HP tablet with Windows 7 .

Finally, Apple’s tablet is called iPad.

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What is a Smartphone Or Smart Phone?

Have you ever asked in life, What is a smartphone ?, maybe yes, and I also once asked me that and I found the answer but very diversified, but today I want to make clear is that the smart phones or also called smartphones you probably already have many of you, if not all, but not always identified. In addition we told you about the models of two of the best brands and models about it, iPhone and Samsung.

Today we will learn something new in life, whether a simple definition, because in Tecmóviles and always hear about smartphones but may still not know what this term in Spain has been translated as “smart phone” means.

To begin with , we must go back to history, because by all accounts, the first smartphone created it IBM in 1992 and was named Simon , but was released in 1993 and was sold by BellSouth , then thesmartphone you allowed to do many things, ie, receive calls, had calendar, address book, world clock, log book, sending and receiving FAX.

Today the functionalities of smartphones are many, but before the definition that gives us the Wikipedia on smart phone is: “It is an electronic device that combines a cell phone with characteristics similar to those of a features. Personal computer”.

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Which Cheese Can You Eat During Pregnancy?

Insurance, sushi and fresh cheeses are delicious, but in pregnancy, these are top of the list of forbidden foods. What a pregnant can eat goes beyond nutrient and a healthy diet; as simple as a hot dog (hot dog) food or a fried egg may contain bacteria. Although your body may be prepared to fight against them, your little has even safeguards and his life is in danger.

Attention to these lists of prohibited in pregnancy foods and others with which you must be careful.

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What is Full Cup Bra? Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages

The bra is a basic part of the lingerie and has more importance than the often is granted. The choice of the correct support depends on many factors, including the size, design, material, the occasion for which it is used and of course, the shape of the woman’s breast. The options are many, but there is always a more suitable than the rest.

This time we will focus on the full Cup Bras to learn about its main features, its advantages and its disadvantages.

What is a full Cup bra?

It is called bra full Cup to that bra whose Cup covers all or almost all the woman’s breast. It is composed of, as all fasteners except for the adhesive Bras, a band, straps and two glasses.

The full Cup bra band is wide, elastic and comfortable and will give very good support to the bust. Cups (usually it’s tops sewn or multiple glasses) completely cover the breasts, and also provide both support and modelling of the bust, softening lines and eliminating unwanted packages, making it look much better clothing.

The straps are wide and strong, and contribute greatly to the comfort that is attributed to this type of support.

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When did humans start to wear shoes?

What is the oldest shoe in the world?


Today we will not speak of the need to fit the feet a certain age, when a baby begins to walk, but to the very origins of the garment. Today, various shoes are essential in Western cabinets, but the need had that arise million years ago. Although it is believed that the first humans, those who left Africa to populate throughout Europe and Asia, had to have used at some point some kind of footwear, the oldest vestige of which is physical evidence is much later.

It’s a very basic garment made of woven straw and leather. It is a single copy (missing the other foot has because of missed the routes of the time) and, after the carbon 14 tests, has been dated as 5500 (year up or down) of antiquity. It comes from a cave in Armenia and the size to which corresponds is current number 37. Until further evidence is not, this is the oldest and it is not known if it is male or female or social status or way of life of its user.

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What should be included a wedding guest book?

Something which you will enjoy is a wedding guest book. A wedding guest book is a book as your guests can write messages to you. Guests can choose to write everything from funny anecdotes about you individually or as a couple. They can also write about the actual wedding ceremony, wedding party and their experiences throughout the day.

Some married couples choose to have a fairly simple wedding guestbook which only guests have written in it. But it in no ways need only take place like that. Be creative and let more things be a part of the wedding guest book. It could possibly. be pictures, songs, speeches, your invitations, your wedding menu or a wedding video, yes everything that can be memories of your big day. The book’s content will put the mark on how memories about your wedding day will be remembered many years into the future, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

In the book will enjoy to guests have written small memories of you and the day itself. One’s wedding day is a day where time flies away and it will be difficult for you to hold onto all the memories themselves out from it in the experience.

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How to Use Makeup to Cover ACNE?

No matter if these in full adolescence and just you start makeup or, conversely, if you’re all a veteran in matters of beauty – acne has the “power” to affect women at any stage of life.

Learn how to hide those like, pimples or blackheads with easy tips from makeup to help you to boost morale in difficult times.

It prepares your face

It is necessary to keep your skin hydrated at all times, especially if you are treating acne with medicated creams and ointments. During this period, you can experience extreme dryness, flakes and hiper-pigmentacion which are more evident with the incorrect use of makeup.

The dense moisturizers and serums against stains, will be your great allies. Make sure you comply with this rule during your routine: anti-acne treatment + serum + moisturizing + sunscreen.

Remember, while most “wet” East your skin will look better your makeup and you can hide any imperfections.

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Sunglasses Frequently Asked Questions

Buying sunglasses should be something pleasant; However, it must be of some recommendations when choosing them. Crystals, protection, mounts, color… Doctissimo, discovers in ten Councils which sunglasses you agree.

Dark glasses always protected from the Sun?

A very dark Crystal does not necessarily protect. More importantly, verify the quality of the sunscreen. Some glasses to see, even if they have transparent crystals, provide sufficient protection against harmful rays.

Can choose the type of glass?

It is best to choose a good optical quality glass which slow down the passage of UV rays. We must look at that carried registered the letters CE and the level of protection, which is 0-4. There are two types of filter glass: minerals (little scratches but they are sensitive to shocks) and the organic (lightweight and shock-resistant). Both can receive treatments, as the anti-glare, the lens (the glass becomes dark with light), color or mirroring.

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