Maternity Bikinis Swimwear

Summer: time of sea, Sun and bikinis! For pregnant moms. Yes, because there are no longer just the classic swimsuits; If you are among those mothers who are not afraid to show off her baby bump, there are plenty of models for every taste.

Summer: time of sea, Sun and bikinis! For pregnant moms. Yes, because there are no longer just the classic swimsuits; If you are among those mothers who are not afraid to show off her baby bump, I inform you that

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Different Types of Women’s Bras

Choose her bra: choose an appropriate form:

The shape of your BRA, as well as the width of the straps are taken into account to feel good and it will depend on the size of your chest. Actually, an E CAP will not be able to afford a bra triangle with thin straps. So, I will introduce you to the different forms that exist, and you specify for what breasts they agree.

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How to Choose Correct Bra Cup Size

By combining these two measures, you will then know your French bra size. You can also ask for help to the saleswomen in lingerie shops who usually advise you to find your size. But there is not the size that matters in the choice of a bra. If you notice by trying that he made the rolls in the back, it is not plated well against your torso or marks on your skin, it is that it is not suitable. Therefore be vigilant in changing room, obligatory to choose stop.

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How to Look Thinner in Swimsuit

After the winter and spring, summer is coming. With this season is approaching the famous swimsuit season, they each have a little uncomfortable and sometimes creates problems for most ladies, ladies and gentlemen, that you are just completely given to do during the winter, to keep in perfect and excellent shape.
In this guide we will give you various tips and tricks to see how to look thinner in swimwear.

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What Bra for What Shape

Triangle bra or push-up for small tits? Is a band compatible with large breasts? To choose which model when breast laxity? Finding a suitable bra can be a difficult quest. Our advice and the opinion of Agathe Molinar, founder of the e-shop lingerie Lemon Curve.
Nothing worse than the underwear that greenhouse scratchy or that one must constantly readjust. Above all, whatever the model or its morphology, the primordial consideration in choosing a bra remains the comfort .   Read more

How to Make a Lace Bandeau Bra

The underwear to wear depends on the clothing and, depending on the type of neckline, shirt, dress or shirt is essential to choose the suitable bra. For those shapes but don’t want to give up the perfect fit of the garments chosen or for those who need to define important curves, the a band is the most suitable and the easiest to sew by hand. If you have a few basics of sewing, with a little patience and a bit of effort you will be able to achieve an elegant bra. Applying a refined fabric such as lace will serve to embellish and to give a touch of elegance to your band, which can also be worn with tank tops and transparent blouses. Get everything you need and then we see how to make a lace bra. Read more

What is Full Cup Bra? Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages

The bra is a basic part of the lingerie and has more importance than the often is granted. The choice of the correct support depends on many factors, including the size, design, material, the occasion for which it is used and of course, the shape of the woman’s breast. The options are many, but there is always a more suitable than the rest.

This time we will focus on the full Cup Bras to learn about its main features, its advantages and its disadvantages.

What is a full Cup bra?

It is called bra full Cup to that bra whose Cup covers all or almost all the woman’s breast. It is composed of, as all fasteners except for the adhesive Bras, a band, straps and two glasses.

The full Cup bra band is wide, elastic and comfortable and will give very good support to the bust. Cups (usually it’s tops sewn or multiple glasses) completely cover the breasts, and also provide both support and modelling of the bust, softening lines and eliminating unwanted packages, making it look much better clothing.

The straps are wide and strong, and contribute greatly to the comfort that is attributed to this type of support.

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